Saving Grace Boutique Giveaway

A couple weeks ago we met Kristy for coffee to go over some ideas she had for a promotional giveaway. She is a local realtor and pop-up boutique owner who has a dream to assist adolescents who are struggling with addiction and to increase awareness for the importance of mental health, especially among young people. … Continue reading Saving Grace Boutique Giveaway

Giveaway #2: Younique Splash Liquid Lipstick

Do we have any fellow cosmetics junkies? We have boxes of lipsticks, baskets of bronzers and blushes, a drawer of eyeshadow palettes. We have a problem. One of our favorite looks is a red lip. Matched correctly to your skin tone, a bold red lip is as classic as your favorite little black dress. Our … Continue reading Giveaway #2: Younique Splash Liquid Lipstick