Fit for a “Princess”

As a little girl, our co-author, Emily, watched Disney’s Cinderella every chance she could get. She dreamt of big dresses and beautiful shoes and going to “the ball.” Whatever that is. Fast forward a couple decades and not much has changed. Emily still loves Cinderella. She still dreams of big dresses, and actually has a wall full of beautiful shoes, and she’s definitely home before midnight. She never really outgrew her love of dressing up and feeling like a princess.

So, when she and her husband were building their home, she knew she needed some serious space to house her shoe collection – Her glass slippers, you might say – and she knew exactly how she wanted her favorite room in the house to look.

When working with a small space, it’s important to keep things light and airy when it comes to paint colors. We chose Dogwood by Sherwin Williams and we think it’s the perfect shade of light pink for a woman’s dressing room. Feminine, yet mature.


We found an antique Statton Trutype dresser on Everything But The House that just happened to fit perfectly into a niche in her closet (by perfect we mean within 1/2″ on either side. She was so excited to find this piece she bid, and won, before she remembered to measure.) One of the things we love most about aged furniture is the solid construction. This dresser was a steal at just $70! A solid wood frame and 9 dovetail drawers mean this little find is strong and reliable. We refinished it with a coat of homemade chalk paint in a very fair, almost-white pink. A metallic monogram (topped with a crown, of course) was just the elegant touch this piece needed. A little back sanding for just a touch of distress and ……

We like to let our antique pieces do the talking so we kept the top of the dresser nice and simple with an antique vanity set, a glass lamp (Pottery Barn), and one of our favorite candles from Flores Lane. We love these hand-poured soy candles so much we have one in every room. They’re small, simple and the scent is never overpowering, perfect for a small space. Besides that, who doesn’t love the way candlelight fills a room?


Finally, we finished with another flea market find, this gilded antique mirror for just $45! We love the way it anchors everything together … and the way it reflects the light from our crystal chandelier (also Pottery Barn) on the ceiling. A few personal touches like a silver framed wedding photo and this happy little place is fit for a princess!

FullSizeRender (5)



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