“Five More Minutes….Please?”

By Sunday afternoon we start to get the itch to get things ready for the week ahead. Meals to be planned, grocery lists to be made, and that ever-growing mountain of laundry beckoning from the wicker hamper in the closet.  We know laundry day may seem daunting to most, but for us it seems to be one of our favorite chores. There is something oddly therapeutic about folding basket after basket in front of re-runs of Golden Girls with a hot cup of coffee just like our Grandma Jane used to. We love the smell of clean laundry and the way it seems to freshen every corner of the house, we love big fluffy towels warm out of the dryer (sometimes we have to resist the urge to wrap ourselves in all of them at once like when our Mom did the laundry and used wrap them around us until they went cold.) But what we love the most? FRESH LINENS. Is there anything better than climbing into fresh sheets after a long day at work or a full day of chasing your children? We say no.

Featured today is our co-author, Jessica’s, bedroom with welcoming touches of old and new and a dreamy white palette that oozes that “come get comfy” feeling. Her bed frame was literally plucked out of the mud at a flea market. She came, she saw, she had to have it. A little TLC and minor repairs from our handy-dandy Daddy-O and it was as good as new.



Pillows and linens were all purchased from our favorite antique shop around, Ambassador’s Antiques & Fine Linens, in Lebanon, Ohio. That store is our happy place. The owner has a perfect mix of new and old, and really embraces the way a ruffled bed skirt or lace-trimmed pillowcase can soften a bedroom. If you’re nearby, we highly recommend a visit. She and her store are both lovely and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


We, of course, recommend following the laundering instructions on all of your linens, but for an added just-five-more-minutes scent, we absolutely adore any of the Downy Unstoppables scents. throw in a cap full with your sheets and blankets and let your linens freshen the entire room.

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